George, Jen, Nazareth and Nile -- it's a pleasure meeting you :) We are passionate about raising our boys in the Christian faith, and knowing the Bible.

One night as we were dressing Nazareth for bed, he said "imagine if my pajamas had David & Goliath all over them, wouldn't that be cool?". From that moment we knew we had to make it happen.

When we started Holy Pals, we wanted to design products that give children the opportunity to draw near to Christ, and to help parents teach their children about their faith. Another very important part of our mission is to shine a light on child-focused charities in need of support, raising awareness of their worthy causes and supporting them alongside our customers.

We are so excited to announce that we will be collaborating with The Littlest Lamb Orphanage, a privately funded orphanage in Egypt. They have built a home for orphaned and at-risk children who have lost parents to death, imprisonment, or abandonment. The Littlest Lamb provides these children with everything they need to thrive – shelter, food, clothing, education and most importantly A FAMILY that loves them. 

The folks at The Littlest Lamb have inspired us so much with their mission, and we’re excited to support them with every pajama sale we make!